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Good health care goes beyond effective treatments. It requires knowledgeable and well-trained health professionals to ensure the most appropriate treatments are being recommended to individuals.

Naturopathy is the same as any other form of health care in this regard. Being able to access a broad range of natural therapies to manage your own health is incredibly valuable. Receiving guidance and insight from an expert Naturopath to help you negotiate a path through the many available treatments, and develop a wellness plan which is unique to your needs, is priceless.

This core belief forms the foundation of everything we do at HerbsontheHill. 

A Naturopathic General Practice

At Herbs on the Hill we aim to provide the highest standards in modern Naturopathic practice, where practitioners show their dedication to quality health care by:

  • working with our clients to determine the most effective path to overcome health problems and achieve wellness.
  • prioritising the safety of our clients, particularly for those using prescribed pharmaceutical medications or with complex health needs.
  • holding a minimum of a bachelor degree in naturopathy, with many also holding additional relevant degrees (e.g. nutritional medicine, herbal medicine), Masters qualifications and PhDs.
  • respecting the value of research evidence in practice and evaluate all available information (including traditional evidence) to identify the most appropriate and relevant treatment options.
  • acknowledging the limitations of our scope of practice and referring patients to more appropriate health care providers as needed and without hesitation


Our Practitioners

Sophia Gerontakos Katherine McCulloch Tina Taylor Sophia Mayor Wulff Jason Rainforest David Casteleijn Michelle Boyd Diana Bowman Jon Wardle

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