Increasingly, science is confirming many of naturopathy’s concepts. Treatments with us blend up-to-date scientific knowledge with nature’s inherent healing wisdom.

Naturopaths and herbalists treat the whole person, not a specific ailment or part of the body. Our holistic approach to health means we address the causes of disorders, not just the symptoms. We use minerals, vitamins, herbal medicines, homoeopathy, flower essences and dietary therapy to support and restore the body’s own defence and restorative mechanisms.

At Herbs on the Hill, we understand that abiding by naturopathic advice can be easier said than done. Everyday activities such as work, study and socialising can detract the best of intentions quite easily.

Our approach to naturopathy and herbal medicine takes this into account. Our treatment plans are realistic, with all herbal medicine, vitamin, mineral and diet prescriptions carefully selected to be manageable and effective.

Among our highly qualified naturopaths, herbalists and nutrition specialists, five are lecturers at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (ECNH) (formerly known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM)); two are trained nurses; two are hand picked from ACNM’s best-performing graduates for their passion and skill in their chosen area. All are members of professional associations with a minimum of Degree level qualification in their area of specialty.  Five have continued on to Masters level and two have completed PhD’s.

While each practitioner is comfortable working with the full range of conditions which people present with to a Naturopathic clinic, they also have their special areas of interest.


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Fi McCormick Leisa Armstrong Sophia Gerontakos Katherine McCulloch Tina Taylor Sophia Mayor Wulff Jason Rainforest David Casteleijn Michelle Boyd Diana Bowman Jon Wardle

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