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Reduce stress, anxiety and depression, naturally

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression, naturally

Author: David Casteleijn. The worth of herbal medicine in reducing long-term stress, anxiety and depression is being validated by mounting scientific evidence.Studies have shown that St John’s Wort is equally effective as a number of common antidepressant merdications in treating moderate to severe depression. In addition to this, naturopaths use herbs classified as adaptogens to work on the hormone produced by stress: cortisol. Science is now demonstrating that high levels

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Echinacea ain’t Echinacea

Echinacea ain’t Echinacea

Author: David Casteleijn. You may have heard that Echinacea is good for keeping colds and infections away, bought some and wondered why it seemed to have little effect.  The more research that is done into herbal medicine, the more it becomes apparent that there can be vast differences in the quality and efficacy of herbal medicine products on the market. Echinacea is a clear case in point, where a large

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