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Think of our clinic as your naturopathic general practice.  You might be surprised at what we can treat.  Each of the Naturopaths at HerbsontheHill are comfortable treating a wide range of conditions, the list below is an indication of the areas they are particularly interested in.

* Asthma and Respiratory problems David CasteleijnTina Taylor

* Assistance with managing Pregnancy Tina Taylor  

* Midlife Women (menopausal transition and beyond)  Michelle Boyd

* Skin disorders (Psoriasis, eczema) Tina Taylor,

* Children’s health Tina Taylor

* Women’s health and hormones  Michelle BoydTina Taylor

* Digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Constipation) David Casteleijn

* Menstrual and reproductive health (PCOS, endometriosis)  Tina Taylor, Michelle Boyd,

* Fertility health (pre and post conception care)  Tina Taylor,

* Colds and flu David Casteleijn,

* Anxiety and Depression David CasteleijnJason Rainforest,

* Stress and Emotional balance  David Casteleijn, Tina Taylor, Michelle Boyd

* Supporting Thyroid conditions  Tina Taylor

* Difficulties with substance use and assistance with withdrawal  Jason Rainforest,

* Feeling exhausted and run down Jason RainforestDavid Casteleijn, Tina Taylor

* Dietary planning  Tina Taylor,

* Sports Nutrition Sophia Mayor-Wullf

.. … these and many other disorders respond well to our treatments.

We are also very pleased to have Sara Jane Hammond as our visiting Osteopath

Our Practitioners

Fi McCormick Leisa Armstrong Sophia Gerontakos Katherine McCulloch Tina Taylor Sophia Mayor Wulff Jason Rainforest David Casteleijn Michelle Boyd Diana Bowman Jon Wardle

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