Free drop-in sessions are available at herbs on the hill Brisbane  every Thursday between 12pm and 1.30pm.  No booking is required, just pop in. 

The purpose of the drop-in apothecary is to make naturopathic medicine accessible and available to the wider community.

These sessions provide you with the opportunity for a brief chat about your health concerns with a qualified naturopath at no cost,  who can offer health advice and dispense high-quality practitioner-only herbal and nutritional medicines where appropriate.

Drop-in apothecary sessions are open to anyone and everyone.

Please note if you have very complex or chronic health conditions you may require a full consultation.

Please do come in and say hello!



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Call reception on 07 3166 1549 or book online:
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Contact details:

Suite 15c
(second floor Taylor Medical Specialists Centre)
40 Annerley Rd (Mater Hill)
Woolloongabba Q 4102
Phone: 07 3166 1549
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